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google sandwich
2003-09-26 @ 9:17 a.m.

Since it's trendy and all to talk about your google hits, I have to mention that I'm pleased that my only (and repeated) google hit is for a quote from Louis Sachar's book Holes: If only..if only, the woodpecker sighs"

I smiled when I saw that, that is until I realized that adolescent boys and girls and EvenStevens fans might be stumbling upon what happens to be the entry devoted to the history of The Long Day's Journey into Crack" featuring the twisted love story of Sal and his Russian bride. Not so much for the kiddies.. But it remains the only thing that makes google keep throwing folks my way.

Ain't THAT a slice o' life that they can chew on?

Here's the disclaimer:

Boys and Girls- don't try this at home. Life can and will hurt you. Love also, can and will hurt you. Sometimes it's not your fault, other times it is. When the hurts happen keep going. Nothing good will ever happen if you stay down. Yes, yes you're right- nothing bad will probably happen if you stay down too, but it might. You can be upside down flipped over in the car and still be hit by an onrushing truck. I was once told that "Life is a loaded gun" and in many ways that's true. I mean, don't go waving it all around and sticking it peoples' faces. It's certainly nothing to be trifled with, and I am a big fan of exhibiting caution while you are handling life. But more accurately, Life is a large and fierce beast that you can't always trust. It has mystery and beauty that you can never quite comprehend. It will always behave irrationally when you fool yourself into thinking you're in control. Life definitely has unfair teeth that bite when you least expect them to. A fierce, gorgeous beast you can't always trust.

But the greatest rewards only come when you do.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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