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boredom,sunshine,and enchiladas
2003-10-15 @ 9:14 a.m.

I am bored. Bored bored bored. Could there be a more potent combination than bored and broke? I think not. Besides being trained on many small essential procedures that seem deceptively easy, but just might take flight when I need them most during my training, I just am focusing on the future past next Friday and trying to believe that life is really going to be changing, and that well-being, who is still here, albiet pestered by that old rat named anxiousness, is really moving next door to stay.

Of course I'm also being realistic. What I consider realism, however, I think is what most people think is a sardonic sense of overwhelming cloudfront. Oh well. I actually am pretty positive all the time or I simply would never leave my house.

That's not true. I would leave the house, drop the girls at school/daycare and come right back. I have done that. It wasn't good for anyone. It was, however, highly affordable.

The point being, that even when my outlook is cloudy with a chance of rain, I always secretly have faith that the sun is there right behind that storm system. I trust that it's there. I'm usually right too.

I've seen several rainbows over the past few months. Literally, I have. Several meaning more than two. So not only do I have faith, I have proof.

Whatever. I wish I had enchiladas.

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