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2003-10-23 @ 9:12 a.m.

Live@Lakeridge (lv2write00) is one of my favorite diaries to read. It's not even like reading a diary usually- it's like a great episode of Dick Van Dyke, only one where Rob Petrie is played by a witty adorable lesbian who's insight and take on the world around her is priceless. Not in an "awwwww" way, but in a laughing until there are tears to wipe away because life is just that funny seen through her eyes.
Even suck ass events are pretty funny as they play through her pen.
She's been awol lately dealing with some family pain, and I think she stays away because she wants this forum to be a funny one for her. Funny is easy and funny is good, you know? Today's entry is really something else.

Emerging as I am, from a relationship with someone who's been trying not too hard or effectively to battle an addiction to crack cocaine over the past year, and yet has been growing tireder and tireder of the whole thing. (I can only assume he's not using now because it would be an affront to use a drug that his wife cannot use because they are suprise drug testing the hell out of her at work. I assume that he isn't using because it wouldn't be fair to use if she can't, especially if he was taking the money from her wallet. Let's hope.)


Emerging from that familiarity with something I've never experienced, and reading it applied to a substance that I avidly consume on a daily basis- experiencing much of the sensations described by the Lady of the Lakeridge, I found this rather profound. I identified with it a lot, plus it's exactly what Sal has been describing about how empty any use he has detoured into has been over the last 6 months.

She's really good, isn't she?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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