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halloween memories
2003-10-31 @ 12:56 p.m.

Once when I was 6, I looked up at my father during trick or treating and announced, beamingly

“Daddy, do you think we can live here for one more year, because the trick or treating is really really good!”

My father was taken aback at this. Later in the week he discovered that I remembered my birthdays by the color our house was. That’s a lot of moving. It had been 8 times in my 6 years.

We stayed there at that house for almost 4 years. That’s my earliest Halloween anecdote.

Another vivid Halloween memory was the revelation that no matter how cool your werewolf makeup and costume might be (and it was Universal Pictures Monsters perfect), that no one wants to make out with a girl that is essentially made up to look like a dog.

That is all.

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