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Not up to par
2003-11-18 @ 9:23 a.m.

I am not where I am supposed to be today. Like every night, I fell asleep on the couch. I usually wake up and move into bed. Even without the alarm clock, I wake up on time. Usually.

This morning I woke up out of a disturbing dream that involved flying, a St. Bernard as big as a picnic table, and Eminem chasing me trying to sew me up with a needle and coarse black twine.. (this paragraph break is brought to you thanks to our lovely sponsor .) (I still am not sure if he was bent on silencing me, or if he was closing me off from other activities. He was not playing the role of jealous mate in the dream. He was not apparently angry or fooling around either. He was chasing me through what appeared to be my townhouse in sunny CA on the beach, and even through several other peoples' townhouse's. If you have seen the movie Point Break, there is a scene where Keanu chases a perp through a neighborhood and several actual residences. I have dreams involving chases like that regularly. While being chased through the elderly neighbor's sunny townhouse, this friendly lady was helpfully providing the insight that she had undergone hair replacement therapy and suprisingly no one was the wiser. Apparently she was under the impression the needle and thread was to be used to garnish me with additional hair. Hmmmm. I awoke to a hair replacement infomercial natch.)

I woke up with my head bent chin to chest. Saying my neck was stiff is an understatement. I was also late. I cannot work through intolerable neck pain. It wouldn't be good for guest satisfaction or account retention. So I bailed like a big fat baby. I am sitting here upright almost completely immobile waiting for Aleve to work its magic.

Of course, on Friday the gentleman asked if he could take me out to dinner on Wednesday. I haven't heard from him since. He works long nights Th-Sun. I am assuming that he e-mailed me at my work e-mail today. So I am entirely out of the loop today. That's more out of the loop than I care to be. I am an easygoing girl about plans, except when they involve someone else spending money, and/or me orchestrating babysitting favors. I need the scoop. I better let that go if I want my neck to loosen up at all. Ever.

Please Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

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