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I'm not sure it was a swing, but I was back
2003-12-09 @ 9:55 a.m.

I feel like I should have a lot to say. Actually, I donít.

I tried to punch into the Pepsi machine this morning.

I was mystified that the time clock wasnít accepting my dollar and giving me a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Thereís a lot of wet snow out there.

Thatís because I went out last night and the girls didnít go to sleep until I picked them up at 11:30. That wasnít cool. But I am not silly enough to believe that them not going to sleep is my fault.

If I want to go out on weeknights, thereís going to have to be a different plan, obviously. I will probably suggest Sal watch them at my house.

I am proud of my restraint in drinking when Iíve been going out. When something is yummy I tend to overindulge.

Beer is really yummy.

I only had four. I was out from 7-11. Thatís one an hour. Probably one more than I should have had. I remember a time where I would go out to immediately relieve myself of any inhibitions I might have brought with me. I was never big on the inhibitions. I would careen through the bar schmoozing with everyone and being a general delight. Everyone was always happy to see me. Where were those people last night? I was hoping to see some of those classic scenesters. They are some of my favorite people. The mentor scenesters of my misspent youth. They were all older than me. Maybe they were too tired to come out.

I would have probably seen them all had I stayed until bar close. But no bar close for me this year. I wish I cared more. The best thing was seeing my friend Curt play and that he knew I was there for the first time in 6 years. This is a big John Lennon tribute he does every year. I started going when I was 19 and didnít miss until I was 25. Curt used to be a really big part of my life. Heís like family to me in the way that legalbeagle is. Heís like an enigma to so many people, and yet he is always delighted to see me, and always makes sure I know it. Thatís a really good feeling, especially on a night when he is the equivalent to John Lennon for anyone making the scene.

I think he deserves his own entryÖ

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