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2003-12-11 @ 8:37 a.m.

Another thing that happened on Monday night was that I saw one of my exes. A big one.

If you are asking "Big How?"

I must reply- "Big in every way.."

Firstly because he's 6' 5" (and a half actually).

Secondly because we were together 4 years, from the time I was 21 until I was 25 ..

This is the first time I have spoken to him in a friendly manner since I jilted him after the 4 years. I just broke it off dead too. I was evil and gave him the following reason;

"It's not you, it's just me. I am just very unhappy.."

And I was. But it wasn't just me, it was mostly him making me unhappy. Breaking up with him addressed that beautifully.

He was way too excited about talking to me again. Here's part of the e-mail he sent me:

"It was really fantastic to see you tonight!!!! Even though our relationship came to an end, I have always thought you a wonderful person. I hope we can resume being friends again!"

There are a lot of exclamation points there, aren't there?

Funny, that he always thought I was a wonderful person. Actually he never trusted me at all for our entire 4 years together and that's why I was misrable. It was actually my fault he stopped trusting me, and my fault for staying in the relationship. So I remedied that.

I never gained any sympathy for this ex's mistrust of me, even when I was with Sal . I always trusted Sal when we were a couple,because that's part of the package with me. I didn't stop trusting Sal until he became a huge pathetic addict-liar-thief, and that was after we were no longer a "couple".

I guess that the trust thing is big with me.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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