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ho ho ho
2003-12-16 @ 4:43 p.m.

I'm finally starting to get into a holiday spirit. I mean, I've been forced to obsess about presents and clean and put up the tree and all already, but I am finally starting to feel it.

I am in the "Holiday Singers" at work too. It gets me off the phone, earns me volunteering points, and allows me to make an ass of myself- which I am sooo into all day long. But I love choral singing, and even just acapella singing in unison, and this has helped put me into a holiday mood.

Also- kitchenlogic keeps bragging about getting homemade lefse, and making homemade lefse, and that makes me think of spending every Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house (mom's mom) for a big Christmas dinner that always included her homemade lefse, (with brown sugar...mmmm) and a huge pot of oyster stew. Even as a kid, I loved the oyster stew because the broth was just so yummy and buttery with the crackers. Later I started delving down for them oysters too. I need to recreate that tradition in my life somewhere- perhaps on New Year's Eve. Even if I am the only one who wants the oyster stew.

The other part of Christmas Eve present exchange was that Santa would come by for the kids. The Santa that came to Grandama O's house was a little frightening since "he" wore a latex mask. I figured out one year, sitting on "Santa's" lap that Santa wore the same light blue creme eyeshadow as my cousin Donna did.

The Santa part of the tradition ended before I was old enough to get to be Santa. Oh well. I have gotten to play Bruce Springsteen one Christmas in a skit my senior year of high school,(I sang "Super Senior's Comin' to Town" in my leather motorcycle jacket and fake 5 o'clock shadow and that'll be the end of it thanks) and that has filled the pretending to be a masculine holiday representative need for my lifetime.

I guess my sleigh bells are jinglin'.

Ring ting tinglin' too.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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