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on the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me- strep?
2003-12-21 @ 9:15 a.m.

So Wednesday at work I got an e-mail from daycare stating Mina had woken up from nap with a slight fever and she was covered in red dots.

No one really thought it was chicken pox, but she still had to go to the doctor. I took her (on my way to daycare, Sal called wishing to be picked up in Bloomington and immediately suggested I do so because he could then watch eep while Mina went to urgent care. I decided it was less effort to fight this, especially since Sal would be watching the sure to be excluded from daycare child Thursday)

I took Mina to urgent care after appointments told me she wasn’t showing as covered by an MN medical programs. She and eep should have Medical Assistance until I am eligible for benefits at my new job. The court order indicates Sal as responsible for medical coverage, but Sal hasn’t had a job with benefits since the girls were born. So I was told I would be asked to give a $50 deposit for the bill that I would be responsible for. I didn’t really listen- I have to take her to the doctor, set up the appointment. I didn’t have to pay the $50.

She was diagnosed with a Strep infection. This surprised me since the only pain she has mentioned was in her tummy prior to throwing up. The doctor said “Oh, well when strep manifests itself as a rash, we USED to refer to it as scarlet fever….” Nice.

So antibiotics and the kid was back in daycare on Friday. Wednesday, before I left work I signed up for pre-approved voluntary time off in case of exclusion, and I had the morning off. Which was good since Mr. Whiney “needed” pop and stuff to watch her.

I took care of my week’s grocery shopping that morning. And I got to work- which was good.

Friday- I did almost all the Christmas shopping and printed pictures from digital shots on my parents’ computer. For framing as gifts and for cards. I did pretty good. I am short only one gift.

Saturday we did errands and went to Grandma and Grandpa’s to finish the photo spectacular. Again, it was all accomplished. The one gift is all. Hooray.

The remaining gift is well stocked at every superstore. It was on sale the day after Thanksgiving for a great price, but that was before I decided it was a good gift for the girls. I mean, why buy a toy oven for crafting when you have a conventional oven? I thought about my conventional oven for a while, and decided that if I could cook everything using a Shrinky Dink maker, I certainly would.

So I’m waiting for the markdown. Even until after Christmas. I am THAT cheap.

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