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a heavy sigh as we resume the uphill climb
2003-12-22 @ 9:58 a.m.

I am so tired on Monday mornings. Even though my Thursdays always feel very much like Fridays to me, Sundays are always quick and pretty effortless. The week begins without pain. Until Monday morning. For the 2nd week in a row my apparent exhaustion has blanketed me as I drive to drop the girls off at school. By the time I get to work I am in a haze. I am not even congested today, so I donít have the ďvery bad head coldĒ defense. I am just already worn out and spent. It might be the holidays, but maybe I am just caving in to the heavy weight of winter finally.

I keep seeing small signs of people getting a little ahead, or at least regaining their footing and that cheers me quite a bit. thisendup just powered through a financial challenge accessing untapped reserves of competency that Iím certain she was unaware of, and legalbeagle just survived not only finals in law school, but her fatherís sudden misstep of health which I know, seriously rocked her world and potential well-being.

I am not dealing with anything really. I am only weary.

But I have only had one bout of a head cold since September, and I didnít get a sore nose this time! Ever year I traditionally get a disgusting cold-sore-like nose affliction that I loathe, but have never been able to avoid. This year, I am barely boogery. I love Claritin. No more psuedoephedrine for me. I am convinced now, that it was perpetuating my congestion. Now I only take it in emergency situations.

So I am still delusional. Thatís a sort of homey, reassuring thought.

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