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Christmas comes but once a year
2003-12-26 @ 10:10 a.m.

So I take the girls over to see their dad about noon on Christmas Day.

I, of course, have already realized that we're coming for lunch and there won't be any food there.

I look through my freezer and decide to drop the girls and go get frozen pizza for lunch. That will make life the most simple for me. I don't have any issues with a choice based on that.

So Sal lets in the girls, and gives me the keys so I can get pizza and soda.

(aside: Some SA stores have a huge Simek's freezer in them now! So on a holiday when all the displaced adults who live in the Uptown area can actually buy real food to eat although they haven't thought ahead! You can even buy two lovely frozen steaks for only $6! Of course I think ahead, and don't need that kind of convenience, but it's nice to know that it's there.)

When I return, I also give Sal a nice package of batter-dipped shrimp from my freezer. My mom didn't want it. I don't want it. So I get to look generous (which is false) and thoughtful (which I am) for thinking of the fact that Sal might want something tasty for dinner on Christmas. He can make it for his insanely delusional wife if he wants, and she might be nice to him!

Now that's true thoughtfulness.

The girls are trying to wake up their Furby's.

They got Furby's because at the new apartment complex some tenant moved out leaving a lot of toys still in boxes. Among them were many Furby's still in the box.

Sal thinks they are "collectible"

I laugh at him, because I actually know about collectible toys. I don't pay attention, because I like to read my comics, and play with my toys. But I know the climate.

Someone like Sal thought they would be collectible.

They are still nice. He gave the girls some porcelain dolls too. Both dolls resemble who they were given to.

The robot dog, cat, and -uh, robot are actually cool and cute.

Sal wants to keep those at his house.

I don't blame him. I would make that choice in his shoes.

So much to our suprise, KGB arrives home before we even eat, having finished her holiday visit early.

I mention the shrimp to her very offhandedly.

She goes into the bedroom and quietly dissolves into tears. Sal says she's being "nostalgic".

That would be in reference to the holiday we shared last year when I was being completely lied to. It was a comfortable holiday because KGB lived in a ridiculously over-priced apartment and I brought over all sorts of delightful things to eat that I bought using my new food stamps. It was a very nice spread. I am not nostalgic for that Christmas because I was being lied to. Plus it was obvious that neither KGB or Sal had any patience for the girls.

Not a happy mommylap.

So anyway, I rolled my eyes over the idea of "nostalgia" and chalked it up to Sal being clueless about why KGB was upset. She was probably wishing Sal was more like me.

Who wouldn't?

Instead of laughing at her delusional emotion and hating her for the retarded thougtless comment from the day before once she rejoined the living, I joined her in the kitchen and I gave her a little pep talk.

Not of the "stand up straight soldier" variety.

I talked to her like someone who loved her should talk to her.

I pointed out that it's really easy to overlook your accomplishments in life when your circumstances take so long and so much effort to change. I pointed out that unlike her spouse, she had made her own personal revelations that were very real, and that her efforts based on those revelations were wonderful and should be admired- most of all by herself.

I compared her to myself.

I think that was really damn generous.

I don't think she deserved such a graceful act from me.

But she deserved it from someone, and I am pretty sure she is isolating herself from people since so many of her old companions helped fuel the evil side of her. I think she really is struggling. Especially with her choice to marry Sal.

He's failing everyone miserably after all.

But she's really trying to keep moving forward in spite of the fact that her hard choices haven't resulted in instant gratification. I totally know what that is like.

It sucks.

So I patted her back and told her to be proud. I know she heard what I said too.

It was all in the spirit of Christmas.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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