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2003-12-28 @ 9:42 a.m.

I donít understand how this happened. But it has. And I have become increasingly aware of it.

Iím not lonely.

Even in the face of couples who are very happy together I donít find myself lonely.

My sisters are newly married, one just had her first anniversary in November, and both couples are really happy. Really well matched too.

No envy.

I wonít question it. If this is the blessing that I get for ďeverything Iíve gone throughĒ I will take it.

Boy will I take it.

I mean, I know there is more out there. I am not scared for it, nor do I long for it.

I am pretty sure if I happened upon it I would welcome it.

So thatís good.

This is just so weird. Itís like discovering a new superpower. I had to to talk about it since I canít delight in shooting laser blasts from my eyes or watching my wounds heal in moments.

I guess I have to think of a superhero name to suit my new power.

The Cold Fish doesnít work, because itís not that Iím not interested.

The Wet Blanket isnít good because I am very supportive of othersí loves.

Any suggestions?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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