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crazy quilt
2004-01-20 @ 5:05 p.m.

It's so hard to keep up my resolve right now. I am NOT liking my job- the need to slack is so tempting. Thanks to thisendup for helping me stay strong. My impression that she is getting a lot done is the best thing of all.

I just want to call everyone I helped today that wasn't a senior citizen (and one guest who was) a rat bastard.

I love seeing devian and fargahar become siamese twins before my eyes. As if diaryland wasn't cool enough already..

I am embarrassed to admit I am maybe addicted to Real World San Diego. It is mostly because I think Randy (Boom Bazooka Joe)should be my boyfriend. This makes my eyes roll back in my head. This is based on the boys looks and demeanor which are average. I've got to can it with being attracted to average guys that I must subconsciously think are attainable or something. I am going to raise my standards up over my head until my arms get buff holding them up there. I also think Adam from the Road Rules team on Challenge is really hot. This may be a similar issue. At least the Adam thing is viceral. An impulse of attraction spurred on from the groin is more forgivable since there's not rational thought involved..

I actually did say those things to Sal . I wrote them out because he doesn't listen to a word when he feels I'm being unreasonable. Whatever. I was pissed and wasn't emotional in presenting my dispute. Angry, yes. He'll never listen, and he'll never learn. I wash my hands of it entirely. I don't even want him to watch the girls anymore, because he thinks he should get praise for the slightest parenting.

Hey Sal -next time you feel life isn't fair, ask yourself "Was I lazy when I should have been vigilant?" "Did I act entitled to something I never earned?" Because I see you wasting every opportunity, ignoring every responsibility, unaware of every inspiration that presents itself to you in spite of that fact that you have never been a worthy receptor.

That is all.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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