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it's not about cats and roosters folks
2004-01-22 @ 10:36 a.m.

My thinking this morning, which initially concerned "Damn it's cold!" (how cold? Why go ask kitchenlogic!) was detoured (as it often is) by thisendup.

Part of one of her entries yestiddy talked about some actress talking about "... that a woman's power stems from her pussy. that if we have a conversation with a man and think about our pussy that we become far more attractive..."

Of course, in a general sense that (thinking about your girly bits) could create a self-assuredness that would automatically be attractive. But I am turned off by someone who is all about themselves and what's for them that way. I mean, in terms of attraction, I tend to think more of being a giver than a taker.. You know, like Jack Kennedy always said "Think not what your cuntry can do for you, but think of what you can do for your cuntry..."

Forgive my sacrilege. I couldn't resist.

Honestly, I always figured it (sexual pull) had to do with my friendly attitude about the penis. If you aren't afraid of it, generally control of the one you are presented with, if you have a loving sense of humor about it - I figure a guy's penis can sense that. And I don't mean that it's because you wear your attitude on your sleeve or wear a shirt depicting "I brake for dick" or anything, I just always secretly believed that there was a specific sparkle in my eye that screamed out "snake charmer!"

Like how cats always can sense if you're a cat person.

I just figured I was penis-friendly or something because the level of enjoyment thing has always worked out so well for me. There is actually explicit evidence that in the past most men were somehow led to me by their dicks. I'm not saying there weren't other factors, in fact I'm not saying they even thought their dicks were leading them to me- they would probably, some of them, deny it. But nevertheless- there's some undefinable something in my favor. Maybe it's a gene. A dick handler gene..or something. Because it just seems to me that it's more than the sum of a girl's (or guy's) parts- it's my funny brain, boobs,mouth, and pussy together PLUS that extra undefinable something. That gene has to be what some of us have that others lack. What makes us the ones that don't "get it" and quite literally not get any.

Disclaimer: Of course, I attribute the fact that I am actually not getting any to the fact that men are not actively coming across me again. I, because of my active delusions, assume that as soon as I am actually interested in meeting men, that they'll be there. See? It's the gene.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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