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mtv is wearing me out
2004-01-27 @ 4:41 p.m.

I was planning on writing a real entry, but frankly I have suddenly become a total MTV whore, and was looking over the cast of The Inferno to figure out who everybody is, and if I had seen them before.

Adam is not back, nor is Theo. Alas.

I wish Jaime from RW New Orleans, or Matt or Colin from RW Hawaii were on the Inferno. Because Jamie and Colin ruled on "Battle of the Sexes" as competitors.

I am torn about whether I like Veronica. She seems like such a selfish, trouble-making whore, and yet that is sort of appealing since she doesn't pretend to be anything but. Also- Katie is adorable, but friends with that icky Trishelle..

Too many people I don't know.

I already know I am addicted to the Dave and Carmen show. Dave Navarro is just too sexy, and cool not to like. And Carmen Electra is like some fascinating Barbie Doll to me. Why have issues with a harmless floozy? Is my attitude. At least she's as sexy as he is. Dave has a great instinct for what makes good mTV too.

I think it's MTV that's wearing my immune system out. I didn't get this cold from my children after all, I got it from too much MTV.

I saw a video for "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness and it was really great. I read something that said the singer wants to be a parody of David Lee Roth and the guitar player really wants to be Eddie Van Halen, but the whole thing reminded me more of 70's bands like Sweet("Ballroom Blitz"), the Raspberries("Go All the Way") or Cheap Trick. The singer does really theatrical things with his voice in a Freddy Mercury way that makes it hard to sing along athough it's pop enough to try anyway. Plus they do battle against a monster (space squid) so it has that KISS element too. Dug it. I am not a big fan of guitar-heavy music, usually, but this silly cock rock is sort of appealing.

I also saw the video for "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and that was actually really cool in that art rock way.

I want to see the video for "One Horse Town" by the Thrills because I saw them live on IMX and it was great Mersey-beat pop with the best harmonies (you hear that devian?) I've heard in a while. And they are as cute as Phantom Planet.

Enough with this popular culture crap for today.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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