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reality tv just helps you avoid real life (and that's bad?)
2004-01-28 @ 4:35 p.m.

I really have to insist to myself that I feel better and go to work tomorrow. The fact is that I feel pretty "feh". Except my lower back which is killing me. If I were Sal(and a long sigh of relief that I'm not ladies and gentlemen) I'd insist that it's actually my kidneys or liver causing me pain. Not simply my back.

I felt better for approximately 2 hours from 10:00-12:00 a.m.

I have found a new love in regards to the Discovery Channel. I don't know how I missed it before- it's...

Monster House.

It's really a macho design show, but the fact that they take every design to as big and badass as it can be (y'know- MONSTER) is not the best part. My favorite part is that they have a build team of experts and contractors and they don't do any of it half-ass or on the cheap- it's better than pretty, it's cool. They did a Jurassic house today..I admit I think a gigantic T-Rex skeleton in my living room would kick ass. But I think this design is also really pretty- (except for the couch, which is maybe too monster..) and I am helpless not to love the idea of a backyard spa that looks like a volcano.

It's cool to show real creativity unleashed, and that the build crew is following someone else's design, but they are the ones that know their shit.

And I totally want that Makita prize pack. If anyone wants to buy a jigsaw and offers to watch the girls while I play with it in their garage, I promise I will make you something cool.

And about The Real World last night, I felt bad that I had no sympathy for either Robin or Brad's arrests. I mean, I had a little for Brad, but Robin walks around like the world owes her something, and this is not the first time she's been drunkenly abusive and/or violent in her words and/or actions, so I didn't feel that sorry for her. If the charges hold (and I can't imagine they will) then I will maybe feel some sympathy- but right now? Not so much.

Randy was hilarious though. Again with the unintelligible speech while intoxicated, (which was just cute and funny) I don't blame Frankie for being all over him at all, but I know next show she will be all sober and remorseful, and I have no patience for that either. That's what wears me down about the Real World always, nobody gets that actions have consequences. It's like watching Sal living with clones of himself and it ends with no one learning a goddamn thing.

But I am so watching still.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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