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i may never say anything worthwhile again...
2004-02-03 @ 4:21 p.m.

Okay, this weekend we rented Freaky Friday on pay-per-view (and taped it) because Iíve been looking for it on VHS since it came out without luck. Stupid VHS. I have to have a VCR to tape ATWT* though, so I havenít rationalized the DVD purchase yet. Because, yes- DVD players are getting cheap as dirt now, but DVDs are still expensive. Of course, the DVDs canít get worn out when the girls watch them 4 times a day.

See? I am closer to convincing myself.

The remake of Freaky Friday is a much better movie than the original. It basically has nothing to do with the original, or the book it was based on (written by Mary Rodgers- composer Richard Rodgers daughter. I LOVE the book, and also A Billion for Boris Ėthe sequel) but itís still a much better movie. Not because of Jamie Lee Curtis who (in spite of her performance-which is really good) bugs me because apparently no one told her 15 years ago that I was supposed to marry Christopher Guest. Itís just such an excellent family movie moral. Selfless love and understanding. Plus I want eep to be just like Anna is when she is in high school. And I am enough of a dork that when the daughter (in her motherís body) rips off an excellent guitar solo backstage to cover for the fact that her teenage rock star body that is on stage is being inhabited by her mother who canít play a lick- when it gets to that part itís almost like the kid proves her love for her mother by playing a guitar solo. So the mom proves her love by faking the guitar solo. Itís SOUNDS really really lame, I know- but it moves me to sentimental tears. It literally overwhelms me. The gesture of it, I mean.

In other news, realizing that whatís wrong with the gum I am chewing is that there are pieces of my tooth and filling in it, is maybe the most disturbing thing Iíve ever experienced.

* stands for As The World Turns, naturally!

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