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excuses and slacking
2004-02-11 @ 8:16 a.m.

First of all- yesterday after I completed an entry that I was damn pleased with, I hit the magic button and found myself shoved off the front porch of diaryland. I know- it’s happened to everyone. I couldn’t get back in, and then the mean person supervising the job lab where I go after work asked me if I knew “the computers are only for job search activities?” Yeah, buddy- I know. But everyone else here knows that how I use the job lab actually got me a job, as opposed to the other people here, and they give me some room…

My eyes, rolling back in my head- just like I was 14.

So anyway, I had a slow morning- with a kid who wouldn’t even wake up for our 6 am Pokemon ritual (the shows I will watch for my kids!) and in spite of the fact that there was actually MORE snow to brush off my car this morning, I got here on time!

And now, because I don’t really want to be working, but I forced myself to come in, I am doing this instead.

Because I suck. Ha ha ha.

No really- it took all my energy and focus to force myself to come in and make it on time.

Slacking off at work, is not really my normal thing, but I have confidence that today, I will excel at it!

So obviously- more to come later!!!

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