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everyday mysteries
2004-02-23 @ 11:42 a.m.

Everyday life is just filled with little mysteries. When you work in a big building with lots of departments there are mysteries there too. For me, these are especially curious. I worked in this building for two years during my previous stint with the company. Now in my new department I find myself recognizing people and then questioning if I am actually valid in my recognition.

“How do I know them? Why?”

Because it might be because I saw them repeatedly in passing in the lunchroom. I might not “know” them at all.

There are two guys on my floor that I recognize. One I know exactly who he is. His name is Pat and he was a regular at the Comic College. I talked to him all the time, but he was a pretty weaselly guy. I haven’t gone out of my way to renew our acquaintance since he hasn’t acted like he recognizes me. He might not know how he knows me. It has been years.

There’s this other guy, who I think I recognize too. He’s more puzzling. I think he’s a comic guy too, but I think I don’t remember him better because he was never a talker. But I can’t be sure. We make eye contact and sort of soundlessly greet each other, but that might just because he’s caught me looking at him with a puzzled smile wondering if I actually recognize him or not.

There is also the mystery of the coat closet. Someone on my floor hangs a zip-up hooded sweatshirt with “400 Bar” emblazoned on the back. Sal was a bouncer there for years. I hung out there for years. I haven’t since it changed ownership, but it’s still a cool bar. A little “too” cool now, and so I haven’t flocked there. There are certain, rather claustrophobic elements of the Mpls music scene that I would rather avoid. But if someone digs the 400 Bar, they are probably into pretty cool music. So there’s the mystery of who’s hoodie that might be.

Well that mystery was solved yesterday. The guy in the 400 Bar hoodie, is the guy I recognize. I know I don’t recognize him from the 400 Bar, but it’s intriguing that he owns that sweatshirt. Could this be a quiet guy who likes comics and the same music as me? Hmmm.

I could just go up and ask him, I know it wouldn’t offend him in any way. But that seems so brazen, and I’d just be doing it to satisfy my curiousity. I’d just be doing it to see if my feeling is a nagging sense of recognition or a crush.

I suppose the intrigue would either flatter or frighten him, and I don’t know if I want to do either.

Why change a potential mystery to a mystery of potential?

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