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Carmen Electra
2004-02-27 @ 10:28 a.m.

I've lost my voice. It happens. Especially in MN with all the radiant heat and all.

It's very dry. My work enviroment is really dry. I have become a lip balm fiend. I am going through my luxurious face cream my mother splurged on for me (cause I am 35 now, after all) like a mofo.

I used to call laryngitis "Jackie Templeton Syndrome". Because when Demi Moore was on GH she had a really raspy voice. Not so much anymore- go figure.

The girls can't argue with me because I can't argue. Mina is pouting because "it's better when your voice is here".

On the way home in the car the Mina forgot I had no voice.

"Mommy who's that girl that's not Jessica Simpson that got married?"

"Mama? She got married and is friends with the Osbournes?"

"MAMA. Who's the girl that's not Jessica Simpson and got married yesterday?"

"The one that got carried away in that movie with the BIG BUGS?"



"the red riding hood girl who is friends with the Osbournes, oh you are in the bug movie we saw a 'mercial for, who are you? You are not married to the backstreet boys, you got married yesterday, who are you?"


She can just stew.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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