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bury oscar already
2004-03-02 @ 10:22 a.m.

I watched the Fashion Police show last night anyway, even though I already was well aware of the fashion letdown. I love Joan and Melissa but I was disappointed that they were won over by the elegance. I was happy that Leon pointed out that Charlize has looked better, because I was so AMEN to that! I love actresses with a major starlet quality, and Charlize is normally that all over, but I am booting her out of my secret inner beauty circle now. Ashley Judd is still welcome, as is Catherine Zeta Jones, but no more Charlize.

I was happy though that they were all about Jennifer Garner's dress because DUH they were into the color.

I was sad because in all the praise of the Chanel couture built onto the wisplike body of Nicole Kidman (and it was all right in the league of dresses except that will any dress ever rival her in that freaking mink-hemmed Galliano? NO.) no one mentioned that there is something strange happening to Nicole's face! If I was Melissa I would have said- "Hey mom, give the name of your surgeon to Ms. Kidman cause there seems to be some kind of collapse in the works there.."

Patricia Heaton's dress was mentioned and it was wonderful even if it was just a boring gold dress. SHE is really funny, and pretty, and cool and is in league with Jessica Lange as far as I'm concerned. Speaking of which- I would have loved to see Jessica Lange, because she is such a glory to my eye lately. I watched "Big Fish" all agog at how she's more beautiful now than she even was 20 years ago. That is justice.

The Emmy's should be better. TV stars know how to cause some freaking trouble.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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