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knock me off this soapbox
2004-03-04 @ 5:11 p.m.

I wonder which I hate more, entitlement issues or creeps that play the victim card? It’s a toss up. Because I hate you both.

This revelation is so nothing new, but was brought up by speculation on whether Mrs. Deadbeat will insist on filing a joint return with Mr. Deadbeat (he hasn’t filed taxes for as long as I’ve known him).

For a long time he was just Mr. Single-0 paying taxes and not being refunded. He was probably in the clear for a long while. Then he started working “freelance”. That = no taxes paid. Then when he did work a job that deducted taxes he would claim dependents, as if he was actually supporting us or something. Heh heh heh.

Reap the whirlwind. I hope it pulls your wife into it with ya.

Funny ass people (not to be confused for people with funny asses)were talking about being warned above and beyond your common sense as well. Y’know, in that whole- “Oh my god I burned myself on your hot coffee and now I’m suing you” manner. I realize that you might think you are savvy for asking for some of the huge surfeit of money some corporations have, but really you are just being unrealistic about what life might owe you. I promise that this is the truth. And not to be all Oprah and Sarah Ban Breathnach, (Simple Abundance) on you, but get with the gratitude folks. Because DUH.

I mean I don’t sit here bitching about what debt the world owes me because I have a whole lot of things that need to be addressed still. By myself. No one can do them for me and no one can absolve them. No one. Only me. Even if Sal gave me all the money the state has calculated he owes his children in a lump sum I would still have to wipe my own ass to resolve all that shit. I might be able to buy some softer bathroom tissue to resolve it with, and I might have more focus if I had that money, but I might also have more focus if I cleaned my freaking house and kept it that way.

That’s why it does no good to whimper and whine about ‘what’s not your fault’. Because it doesn’t change your reality. Not at all. You can whimper and whine that you are “trying” and you are being deprived of your predestined lot in life, but sooner or later you might get what you actually deserve, the hell that you have earned yourself.

I'm pretty sure I don't believe in an afterlife that includes hell, but the idea of Sal and other miserable retards being stuck with a pitchfork while a red naked goatman points and laughs- now that's funny.

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