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Once Upon A Time In Mommylap's Shower
2004-03-07 @ 10:36 a.m.

The only thing cooler than Robert Rodriguez’s “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” (because if I’m watching action, gimme lots with a side of men with black hair) is rinsing out your new hair color and realizing that your rinse water is the same color as the blood on Johnny’s Depp’s face at the end of the movie.

Cause once again, my hair is redder than I would have liked, but that’s a recurring theme. If my hair just wants to go red on me then “so be it”

What I love is that eep keeps saying that it’s purple. What I hate is that in overhead light the roots look really bright burgundy and no matter how many times I check it in natural light, I can’t shake the vision of myself with bright burgundy roots and grape jolly rancher ends. It’s definitely “street hair”- meaning that it’s really spectacular when hit by the sunlight as you are walking down the street. My inner grown up knows that the color is too “young” for me, but I keep telling myself that I can pull it off, because I don’t have a leathery face like Keith Richards and I am not doing cartwheels down the runway after my fashion shows. (not that there’s anything “wrong” with that. But it’s not for me. At least I don’t think so.)

Besides I have had several people say I looked “great” and “pulled together” today, but no one has said, “uh LAP did someone spill some black cherry kool-aid on your head?” Which is good, because anyone could see it’s more Grape-a-saurus Rex anyhoo. And every time I look at myself I immediately think of Johnny Depp with his eyes gauged out behind dark wraparound shades, stumbling down a dusty Mexican avenue managing to shoot people dead.

Maybe my new hair color will evoke that power for me.

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