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I saw a movie on Friday
2004-03-21 @ 12:14 p.m.

So Friday, I went and saw Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because if thereís a new movie I want to see, I have to see it right away or I donít see it in the theater. Itís the olí ďBecause it was released todayĒ excuse that will allow me to shell out the $5 bucks.

I like to sit as much in the front as possible, while avoiding the actual first 4 rows (depending on the theatre). I sit up front so when I laugh freely (and I totally do when I find something funny) that I wonít bother the poor sap in front of me. I like to sit smack in the middle of the row also, for my own maximum viewing pleasure. I chose my row, and did not sit in the middle because there would be someone in the middle behind me. I chose to avoid the distraction of people chewing behind me. Of course, during the previews this meant some Ďadorably lovingĒ retired couple came in and sat right behind me. Not only did they slurp and crunch but they were involved in conversation during the previews.

I am an altogether forgiving person in every instance except when something will bug me during a first run movie that I paid to go see.

I moved.

I was near a fellow who was one row ahead of my prime spot. He came in right before the previews and threw his coat down and owned that fucking spot in a way that I had to admire. It was as if the movie theatre was his home and he knew he fucking owned that seat.

During the movie myself and this guy kept laughing at all the exact same spots in the same exact manner. That being heartily and without self-consciousness.

The movie was very involving, so this recurrence didnít distract me, but the things in the movie that were funny certainly werenít jokes- so it was an easy guess that he was interpreting things the way I was . I felt an alliance with the one other person who was enjoying the movie in exactly the same way I was.

Being that the movie was somewhat remarkable, I thought that two people would respond to it in such sync mildly remarkable also. It crossed my mind that this stranger was maybe someone I should acknowledge, at least that it was nice to laugh with someone separately in a theater full of other people who might or might not have been getting it.

I didnít though- I let him walk right by. Because, even though I could think of at least a half a dozen great opening lines, I just let it go. Maybe it was because it was an interesting idea, but not that important. Maybe I was scared that in talking to that guy he might think I was a freak. Maybe I was scared his eyes mightíve lit up. Maybe it was because I already knew that as strong as I am in the first act, I would eventually have to reveal my baggage. Maybe I am just afraid to call anything to me that I might not be able to hold at armís length. It could have been any of those things.

Ah well.

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