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Nobody's around anyway, I'll just talk about food.
2004-03-21 @ 9:38 a.m.

I ate at Denny’s last night with my parents. I have to wonder why something like chicken-fried steak with country gravy can simultaneously be such an abomination and yet such heaven? The idea of that meal freaks me out, and the reality of it is everything simple and good.

I was sad that my order wasn’t the “Country-fried steak and eggs SLAM”. I ordered it as such in homage to Kristin though. The waitress gave me a look, but did not correct me.

Everyone cleaned their plates, and I split a banana split with my mom. I am an ice cream cone girl, for the most part- but this banana split was begging to be ordered. It was really good too. There was blueberry sauce (with real blueberries) on the scoop of strawberry ice cream, and strawberry sauce on the chocolate ice cream, and it ruled.

I was surprised, because I have never thought even once in my lifetime-“ strawberry sauce on chocolate ice cream –what a good idea!” not even when I was pregnant.

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During my first pregnancy for awhile, the only thing I could eat midday was pizza rolls. While pregnant with the Mina, I craved nachos bellgrande from Taco Bell. Something about the ground beef with cheese sauce. Not a huge fan of cheese let alone cheese sauce- this was surprising.

I am a big fan of the secretly delicious.

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