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the torture of the note sung flat
2004-03-24 @ 11:39 a.m.

I don’t care about Real World San Diego anymore apparently. I care about American Idol more at least.

I couldn’t believe it when I watching last night that not one judge told Matt Rodgers he was singing really flat. I dig the guy, but me no likee the singing flat. I predict he’ll be safe, but good lord- he was the worst last night.

I liked what the chick that sang “Desperado” was trying to do, but she didn’t get there, and her performance was weak to me. I thought she was for sure in the bottom 3 last week, and I was wrong- so she might not be the vote off either.

I was glad Amy Adams pulled it out tonight. Her voice is perfect for country (although she maybe never knew it) and so she got to show her personality and her performance was right on. I thought she looked taller and thinner too- If she’s in the bottom 3, the rest of America just hates her and I am sad.

I liked “King of the Road”. I love Roger Miller. I still know almost all the songs he wrote from Disney’s Robin Hood (animated, Robin is a fox) by heart. The redhead finally projected while singing.

The Hobbit picked a song I really like from when it was on the radio, and it was all-wrong for his voice. He needs to sing low to sound good.

What is up with soap opera crossovers? I am all addicted to All My Children right now, but there is no way, no matter what is happening between Bianca and Babe and the characters on One Life to Live that I will ever not watch As The World Turns. I know that fargahar can keep me up to speed about that crazy stolen baby. Or I could watch on Soap Net. Or stand in the check out line at Cub reading Soap Opera Digest while my kids squash tomatoes on the floor because I am not paying attention.

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