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ennui a go go
2004-03-30 @ 8:50 a.m.

How much fun am I having today? None! It could be worse, but these callers clearly donít understand that I donít want to do ANYTHING. If I left work, I would still be doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not laundry, Iíd be sitting, barely paying attention to the TV.

Itís like I am Seabiscuit between races. When I am ready, I will run like no other horse you could imagine, but not right now.

I wrote the above yesterday. Do I have any more energy today? No.

I almost did some laundry last night. But then I found clean clothes for tomorrow and didnít.

Rather than sitting doing next to nothing last night, I did voraciously read ĺ of the book I just bought. (Invisible Monsters- Chuck Palahniuk)

When the Inferno started, CT did not interest me. Heís impressed me being the primo competitor for the Real World- and now as of last night he officially kicks ass in my book. Besides stepping up for his buddy David (who better pull it out after this one) someone else from RR finally went home and how freaking cool did CT look spinning with those cop sunglasses on? (Respect my authoriTAYÖ)

Elvis cool is what I thought.

And of course, we all enjoyed the puking.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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