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from a birth mother 2-the lunch
2004-03-31 @ 4:10 p.m.

Lunch was great. In spite of this lady being an executive at giant corp (as thisendup likes to refer to it) I was totally natural with her. I felt like we already knew each other on some level- just because she’s a birthmother too. She is a few years older than myself, and her story (the truth that every birth mother story is totally unique becomes more evident with each one I hear) was extremely cool. She was a sophomore in high school when she was pregnant, and she managed to be completely self-possessed and in charge of her decision to carry out her pregnancy and continue in school without blinking an eye. Yet, she is very natural and doesn’t come across as a type of politician for the cause of adoption. It’s clear that she’s motivated by her own personal experience as well as the stories people have shared with her.

MCAR is an outside adoption organization that she works with too. Even though adding actual politics to anything makes me like it less, I actually feel like I could speak from experience with this cause.

I just feel like a superhero now. Like I did after being on the panel with Children’s Home Society only more so. Today I am like a rock star/superhero all rolled up in one, and I don’t even know why other than I met someone who feels very similar to the way I do, and views life the same way, in the aftermath of the same choices we’ve made. It’s weird to recognize that all this empowerment is coming from seeing what is most admirable in myself in another woman, but as egotistical as that might be, that is that is where this feeling is coming from. I mean connection is what makes life worthwhile, but we forget that everyday and forget to reach out to insure we have that happy force in our lives. I have so much respect for the natural inclination to reach out for people’s stories and experience. I have so much respect for that kind of everyday bravery. Diaryland is full of it.

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