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little bitches
2004-04-04 @ 10:53 a.m.

This is the first time; in 35 years that I have ever gotten any indication that I got my likeliness to put things off from my Dad.


And if it would be any situation other than delaying my tax refund a full 7 days, I might be a little tickled.

But I could’ve done it myself Friday, had I not have been reassured it was done.

Now, my next opportunity to send it myself will be Tuesday.

(Because electronically filing my taxes from work is in a completely different category –to me at least- than sneaking onto diaryland to read and post entries. Go figure.)

I could just call and ask if he’ll take care of it for me, again, but there is every chance that having to do so will bring me to tears. Cause I don’t want to ask. Again. I asked already. I literally feel like asking anything at all pushes my parents somehow, and if I don’t get my tax return to attend to some things, I’d be tempted to ask them for, you know, actual money.

To further the tension, the whole- nobody actually being able to tell if my ‘defaulted student loan status has off-set my federal return’ thing is driving me a little nuts too. It’s money I am assuming I won’t get, but cutting the principal on that student loan in half addressing a lot in itself and I want the mystery over already.

I am a bitch today, big time. Starting the day realizing that eep left her really cool corduroy jean jacket with the fake fur collar that made her look like a little hipster at the stupid mall playground. I am seriously, about in tears when I think of this oversight. It was a great clearance find because it’s also so cute on her. Impending period, ya think?

Yeah me too.

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