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I get mine in on some days
2004-04-08 @ 11:47 a.m.

During time I was forced to spend with Sal yesterday (“forced” meaning eep forgot her blanket and HAD to get it before he leaves town on Friday) I was pretty congenial to him.

Pretty much nothing was bugging me yesterday because it was one of those rare days when you are met with such a nice surprise that it rearranges your spinal cord. I woke up and called the stagecoach that runs around with my money to see if I had any checks I needed to cover and SOMEHOW my state tax return was already deposited. Accepted Monday, deposited Tuesday, available Wednesday.

What kind of luck is that?

So anyway. I was playing nice, but I did slip one in.

Sal : (looking at a CD in my car) This Year’s Model, huh? I’ve always been an Armed Forces kind of guy…

LAP: Yes, and since you are also the kind of guy who steals all my good CDs and sells them, I don’t have that one…..

heh heh heh

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