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product or art
2004-04-13 @ 10:57 a.m.

Damn, but people get invested in bands. I know it’s true, because it’s certain that I get invested in bands too.

Investment apparently leads to expectations. Expectations lead to disappointment sometimes-

For instance, take Modest Mouse- apparently fans are upset about the new CD. I am new to Modest Mouse, but I love this CD. It reminds me of Swordfishtrombone, one of my favorite records ever. I am willing to assume that earlier albums might have been better in different ways, but it doesn’t change the fact I like this one right now. A lot.

Phantom Planet- The Guest was this awesome pop/rock CD that I loved. LOVED. So the new CD comes out and I hear “Oh they’ve changed, they are aping the Strokes, what happened to our beloved Phantom Planet…?” Knowing that their drummer left the band, I thought- Hmmm.

Then I saw the video for “Big Brat”. ZOMBIES is all I’m saying. B&W Zombies stumbling off into the sunrise in fact.

SO – I finally get the new Phantom Planet CD and it’s the same old Phantom Planet only produced to sound less pop, more rock. Less clean, more crappy indie rock. The song structure and content haven’t made any big shifts.

All this really means are people are babies that what they want. They are resistant to change and don’t really listen when they think what they’re hearing is something they don’t like.

Of course, there’s the current Liz Phair CD, -I wasn’t going to buy it. Mostly because I didn’t like easterbunnyspaceeggvery much. Her best is still Exile in Guyville and my favorite will always be Whipsmart, her second release. The new one is all right though. I mean, the songs she got help on are more radio-friendly, but still authentic, but any of the really interesting songs are hers alone. “Little Digger” and “Red Light Fever” have moments where the sky opens up.

It’s really just the difference between product and music right? There is nothing wrong with a good product, until you compare it emotionally to the real thing.

The thing is that I have been thinking for a while about whether I do my kids an injustice allowing, and even encouraging them toward Radio Disney. I like Hilary Duff, but she will never change my life or my kid’s lives. As far as role models go she’s pretty harmless.

Shouldn’t I be exposing my kids more to real fiber instead of trusting the peanut butter and jelly to build them into the women they will one day be? Am I protecting or depriving them?

For now, I am still looking for some peace. I might not be ready for the excitement and conclusions that come from the girls listening to real music.

“Why does he say ‘I want to bite the hand that feeds me’?” mina asked while she listened to “Radio Radio”. I don’t want to have to answer that question. I want her to just eventually recognize that impulse in herself and relish being understood by Elvis Costello.

Of course, when I was eep’s age I was crazy about the Monkees. I still think Boyce and Hart are great songwriters, but none of those songs ever changed my life.

They did, get me through the day though.


Apparently the collision of product and music has occurred in NYC. Go congratulate, cajole, and otherwise go to the aid of discothekid in haste. Do it for me. Voting is really fast, and “Second Hand Smoke” is a really great song.

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