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Why does it have to be like an accident on the side of the highway? Why can’t I just look away?
2004-04-20 @ 11:13 a.m.

I watched The Swan last night.

I feel so dirty.

Witchy poo looked so beautiful at the end. Like if a slim longhaired Roseanne Barr was cast to play her in her life story.

Here’s the thing. I don’t have an issue with plastic surgery per se. I have issues with plastic surgeons that are willing to steer people who have no self-image into someone else’s image.

100,000,000 Pamela Anderson fans can’t be wrong, unless they all get surgery to look just like her.

For instance the Kate Winslet girl? She was just fixing her body after losing a huge amount of weight. She apparently was aware her face is already beautiful, and she didn’t change it at all.

So I can support that.

I just secretly believe that the plastic surgeon’s recommendations for procedures are a lot of the reasons we might be a nation of FrankenBarbies. “You have no self-image of who you are at all? Let me mold you…”

I loved that the Elvis impersonator changed his name to Jesse Garon. I also loved that when he requested a “horn or bell” his sister brought him an air-horn so it would be like his every need was a mission on The Inferno.

I wish that he had just gotten a chemical peel and his eyes done. I liked him a million times better pre- surgery. I thought he looked like he was wearing a mask with his lips done.

I am addicted to plastic surgery porn.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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