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2004-04-21 @ 12:01 p.m.

I am the queen of effortless quality usually so when I don’t get the feedback I want it makes me cranky. In regards to continuing to take calls today, I remarked I wanted to instead kill myself and got the best e-mail ever from thisendup.

WHAT? You are so not going to kill yourself over something like that. Or anything, I hope. I was just thinking today that I love you so much. I have had friends that I thought were wonderful but I really just love you. I love you for being you. I love you for being my friend. I love the way you are with other people and how genuine you are. I love the way you are with your kids and I just think that they are amazing and that really reflects on you, too. I think that you’re wonderful and I was just reflecting on that this morning. I stopped and felt lucky, really lucky.

Funny that I could love someone who’s silly enough to give out account info on an account in collections. I guess I’m in love with someone who is celebrating a “lost era in hair” so I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

Oh all that love stuff was not in response to your wish to kill yourself because I know that you don’t mean it. We’ve had that talk before. Just wanted you to know that all of those thoughts sprouted independently a few hours ago.

If you read her and miss her continual updates, you should tell her. She’s the best. Go woo her back to constant updates. Tell her, tell her, tell her, and tell her right now.

And while you are at it tell fargahar you need a fix too.

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