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What was that?
2004-04-25 @ 9:12 a.m.

I donít really drink anymore. Because if you are hung over at all, parenting small children is completely unbearable.

I donít get a lot of breaks from my job piloting my children into clothes and out of our house each morning. But last night I did.

So I went to a party last night and drank because I donít have to parent my kids first thing, I only have to work.

Ha ha.

I drank horseshit margaritas much to my dismay, and then Shiraz.

It was raining all night. Driving around on a wet mirror when tipsy is the best.

Early in the night, I made a brilliant maneuver that resulted in flashing lights and a police officer telling me that my insurance card was 2 years old.

My insurance is current though. He didnít check.

I missed my right turn and pulled into a parking lot so I could make a left turn onto that street instead. But there was a median strip I didnít see in the rain. So I had to drive the wrong way on what was essentially a one-way street. Right in front of a cop.

He just ran my license and found out that making turns that make you drive the wrong way on a one-way street was not the norm with me.

On my driving record itís not.

He suggested I pay closer attention. That was really helpful.

Personally, I think I should just avoid driving in the suburbs where every road appears to be a gigantic parking lot. In the rain, a great big glossy reflective gigantic parking lot. With construction that doesnít allow you to take any logical routes to where you are going.

I didnít get my driverís license until I was 29. I just thought it was unnecessary. I walked, took the bus, and rode my bike. And my friends and boyfriends always had cars. They were the boss of me anyway; they might as well be driving me around.

I miss my youthful world where work was down the block from my apartment and I lived about 50 ft from a bus stop that would take me nearly anywhere I might want to go.

When they say Life Gets Complicated, I always assumed that referred to the emotional complications. What it really means is that Life is a big glossy road that usually has a median that keeps you from turning in the direction youíd ideally like to go.

So fasten your seatbelt.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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