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So, sew, suck your toe, all the way to mexico..
2004-04-28 @ 12:29 p.m.

kristintracy is sewing, and of course everybody should be sewing. I should be sewing! I have so much fabric in storage that each of my readers could request I send them the fabric that reminds me most of them, and I would still have fabric to spare. In fact, if you want to make that request, please do so, and I will send you some fabric and Iím not lying. I am thinking of inflicting fabric on Kristin right now, even without her requestÖ

Here are mommylapís top tips for happy amateur sewing projects

1.) Instead of cutting out the ďtrianglesĒ on sewing patterns that are used for matching up pieces, just follow the line and put a little clip (little= less than ľĒ ) that is less than the seam allowance. Itís actually easier to match up seams this way, and makes it a lot easier to cut out the pattern pieces.

2.) Donít stress about the layout suggestions on the pattern. As long as you make sure the pieces go along with the grain of the fabric (grain= weave or up and down) you can probably be more economical with fabric than what the pattern recommends.

3.) Donít avoid knits. Just pretend they are wovens. The best tool for sewing a straight stitch on a knit fabric is the right needle and they are cheap. Do use a pattern for a knit fabric because any of the stretch from the fabrics incorporated into the pattern design. Sewing with knits is easy, and knits require much less seam finishing than woven fabrics that ravel do. people are afraid of them for some reason and I am here to say- be not afraid!

4.) Donít feel that you have to complete a project all at once. I like cutting out patterns one day, and sewing another day. Because cutting out patterns makes me kind of cranky and sewing while cranky is to be avoided.

5.) If you start to get frustrated when sewing a seam, for Godís sake- take a break. If you get pissed at the garment you are sewing or the machine that you are sewing it on, those things will rebel and bite you in the ass one way or another. Give your impatient self a little time out before your mood ruins your project. (Garments I ruined before learning this lesson? At least 10. This has not occurred in the past 10 years though. Sewing taught me all the patience required to be a parent. No lie.

6.) Iron seams as you sew them. Itís easier than doing it after the garment is complete and it offers a pause that refreshes.

7.) On the same note, fit as you sew before finishes like hems and waistbands (even elastic waistbands) are completed. It will save you time.

8.) Donít patch jeans for boys. Itís a pain in the ass that has no benefit.

9.) Donít sew a style of clothing that you would never purchase just because the pattern says itís ďeasyĒ.

10.) Any sewing projects are doomed to fail if you donít vote for {public domain} repeatedly. Not voting for discothekid might doom your entire future.

But that will never happen because you all are going to vote, right?

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