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back in action
2004-05-10 @ 10:13 a.m.

So the reason there was no update on Friday, was because I was in the car with 6 other family members driving to Milwaukee. 2 of the family members were, of course, my irrepressible children.

The drive wasnít so bad. The girls kept their tiredness and whining to a minimum really for almost the tripís entirety.

In my stress over the details regarding whether the trip could even be possible I did note that the whole reason I suggested the girls and I go on the trip was completely selfish on my part. I had been anticipating being forgotten on Motherís Day and didnít want to deal with the pity party that was sure to come especially on the heels of a trip down what I now fondly refer to as ďthe woman pipeĒ (thanks to the queen of memorable phrases, jargon, and nicknames .

And off we went. This was basically a trip to celebrate my Nanaís 96th birthday, which was April 12. Nana is my Dadís mother, and I love her more than any other person on this earth. There was a big birthday celebration at my baby sisterís house that lives in Milwaukee. Because my baby sister holds the reins of life quite tightly in her control (and I say this in all admiration, because Amy RULES and still has fun) the party was awesome. The food was awesome; having my baby sister show me the home she owns was the coolest, and even the behavior of my kids was joyful and entertaining.

So really, Motherís Day was completely forgotten in the face of the birthday and it was good. My mom and I just hugged each other and said how glad we both were that I was able to go on the trip with the girls.

And thatís really how we both felt!

For the most part, the large crevasse of separation that I felt just one year ago has disappeared. I wish I could be closer to my baby sister because I am really proud of her and admire her so much. Itís my goal this year to make sure she knows that. I know all the things we still have in common that she might not be so sure about anymore. I can close that gap with confidence. I know some of it was caused by another older sister that canít deal with her younger siblings being adults when she herself is still a neurotic mess. I donít have those issues.

The power of SINGULA has not been compromised.

I still am somewhat amazed that both my sisters have married so wonderfully and well. I watch them as couples and it makes me so happy and grateful that I never married Sal .

That in itself, is a gift that keeps on giving.

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