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2004-05-17 @ 10:08 a.m.

Training for new system + kids full on interrupted only by work = country-.

I havenít had any time to update, and although there are no events to hip you to, man have I thought about things to write about! I am all inspired with insights and quips walking around in full LAP philosopher mode and never have I been sadder to not have a home computer.

Seriously. On Saturday morning I wrote a whole entry in longhand in my old notebook journal. When I re-read it I felt like I was proofreading homework for speech class. In a good way, but nice training for writing for an audience, huh? No wonder I get flashbacks from my fanzine days.

This just in:

The Daddyman started his second job (overnights) last Tuesday. He gets his first check Friday 5/21.

It really is only a matter of time before he wakes up to how much control he has over what he owes meÖ

Insert maniacal laughter here.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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