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2004-05-25 @ 9:38 a.m.

So I’m seriously reconsidering the idea of having a social life. Turns out, it might actually benefit me. I might meet new people and shit, and in doing so- enrich my life and have more to give emotionally to my children.

I know, who knew?

I had a blast at thisendup’s house this weekend. I met her “otherworld” friends, which is to say, other members of the giant corp who work the night shift. They were hilarious and fun.

The craziest thing happened. I met someone, who I didn’t know from Adam- who reads my diary. Whodathunkit? Not me, because I’m incredibly naïve! I check my stats, but I just figure that these are all strangers that I will never meet! In the case of this particular doll,- IT WAS SO COOL!

Plus, I have another member for the mommylap club I have in the works. It’s called Drinking As Mommies United, DAMU! Because none of us ever get “letting off steam” in our schedules nearly enough, and we decided we need to have barbeques together this summer and just unwind while our children play together in our yards. I think I will make one of the rules of the club that we drink out of jelly jars whenever possible. In fact, the best agenda will be that the club will be founded with us as “Drinking as Mommies United” and eventually just reverting to calling ourselves “Drunk Ass Mothers Unleashed”.

It sounds better than a book club to me.

The other thing I am learning as I am slowly being released back into the wild, is not only am I still at least 5 times as attractive as I would ever give myself credit for, but my knowledge of comics is like speaking a secret language that few other women know. It wasn’t ever much of a factor when I was actually “the comic shop girl” so much, but now- in the straight world? It’s like magic. An adorably cute, very quiet boy, all of 25 (maybe) not only speaks to me daily now, he also seems to be flirting a little. I asked him if he read comic books. (He was doodling all through training, and he’s a boy- it was the logical icebreaker) Apparently simply knowing who Nightwing (copyright DC) is, makes me much more attractive than regular girls. Even to cutie pie boys. Since I am older than the girls who used to baby-sit him, I know this is all simply sport, but I still like it. I like it even better because it holds no potential whatsoever honestly.

Cause I might be toying with the idea of a social life, but I am pretty sure that I am far from ready to have a sex life. Or a love life.

I’m keeping those two ideas in the corner on a time out until they can control themselves in public.

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