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I'm just a comic book girl in a comic book lifestyle
2004-06-30 @ 10:49 a.m.

So yesterday I goaded into seeing a Midnight show of Spiderman 2. I am an easy mark with this since I like seeing new releases when they are brand new, or I will wait forever- proof of this being that I have yet to see Return of the King, and I didnít see Two Towers until it was on during a free Starz weekend.

Since I am the comic book geek honey that boy geeks swarm to, my friend Edd asked if I was going to see the show. He really didnít want to be alone amongst throngs of jr high kids. Edd is really shy, and whenever he actually e-mails me to chat about the geeky things that interest us, it cracks me up. The theatre we wanted to see the movie at is right by Sal ís house, and it was hot yesterday so I was thinking of taking the girls to swim at his house anyways.

Sal agreed with a minimum of bartering and I decided to go. I was hoping to get a nap prior to the movie.

Hereís what didnít happen pre-movie

No nap

No food (completely my own fault because I wanted to catnap then eat in that order, and when I was failing to doze I should have eaten at home. I did not.

My new favorite thing is the Tendercrisp Chicken sandwich. I was going to hit some BK drive-thru action on the way to the show. I was denied; cause there was a line.

So I opted for sushi from the fancy grocery store. I figured why not make it a banner day wherein all I ate was sushi (cause I had CA rolls for lunch since the cafť at work suddenly has sushi and it made me very happy). I was meeting Edd 45 minutes early, and I figured I could eat while waiting.

Again denied. They were seating when I got there.

I hated the rest of the crowd. I guess not the people next to me, but the frat boys/sorority girls behind me were awful. I kept wanted to leap up like Hunnybunny in the diner from Pulp Fiction screeching ďany of you muthafucker so much as MOVE Iíll execute ya!Ē I restrained myself.

There was no preview for Batman Begins. This made me sad. None of the previews got me very worked up. Ok, I am a little intrigued by Collateral, because I have a very old nostalgic latent affection for Tom Cruise, but itís directed by Michael Mann, and not must see.

Iím not going to review the movie except to say that I liked it. Doc Oc is beyond cool. Alfred Molina is brilliant in his every action. The reason I never dug the Spidey comic much is because I always thought his villains were really dumb. I mean, Doctor Octopus in the comic had a bowl haircut and wore a lab coat. In the movie, they really worked it out. Heís SO good. There is massive T-Rex stomping and tentacles with personality and I just love Doc Oc.

Also the question of rethinking my hair color has been decided. Iíll stay Chocolate Cherry for the summer. In the sun itís this insane red color, but indoors itís flawless. I can deal with being a cartoon redhead thanks to Mary Jane Watson.

3 hours sleep does not make for a happy lap. That said, I am much happier and more alert than I expected upon my waking. Go team! I got something I wanted!

I am moving up from orange alert to amber, or piss color or whatever. There has been definite hijinks and lies during the past 3 months but my new info is not from a trusted advisor. I am not looking right at the reality of what might be going on with Sal because I think it might blind me. I am working on poking a pinhole through a piece of cardboard so I can further investigate the information through the shadow it casts on the refrigerator. You know- like you do when there is an eclipse of the sun. Itís very intriguing, frightening, and I donít want to focus on it when I am so tired. (I couldnít spell refrigerator without spellcheck just now)

D-R-A-M-A, drama never goes away!

Apparently I can't shut up...
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