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2004-07-05 @ 8:43 a.m.

Is there anything more exhausting than a long holiday weekend full of extended family? Thatís right, a long holiday weekend in the sun with the extended family..

So Marlon Brando is dead. legalbeagle called me on Friday morning with the news. It left me blinking because, of course he was 80 years old and overweight but he has been grossly overweight and old since I have known who he was. The man was a juggernaut. How could he be dead? Itís just so strange, although Iím not sure Iím actually sad. Heís been living on an island for years- maybe heís hosted the secret exile of Elvis, Montgomery Cliff, and Lenny Bruce for years and decided to just join them. I would.

I have never quoted any line from a movie more than the cry of ďStella!Ē I credit that to Marlon, rather than Tennessee Williams. In high school I used to yell it down the hall to my friend Annie, and she would yell it back, and it became our nickname for each other. Strangely enough, in my relationship with Sal I turned into a bit of a Stella-, which honestly remains my favorite character in the play, in spite of the fact that sheís sort of a victim. I still think she makes the best end out of the drama that surrounded her, in spite of causing little of it herself.

Hey Marlon- youíve got a lot to be proud of. You were the best rebel I can think of in characters and as a man really. I bet your rest is full of peace. Now I have a good excuse to go watch the beginning of Superman again. (I never need an excuse to watch Godfather I or IIÖ)

Apparently I can't shut up...
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