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this entry has a chorus you'll want to sing along to
2004-07-06 @ 9:21 a.m.

I think that the Daddyman may have slipped into some feasible pretense of actual fatherhood. He wanted to see the girls in spite of having no TV service. They had a good time in spite of the fact that much of yesterday was too cool to go swimming. (They did spend hours in the pool, but it was too cool for grownups to swim) And fun was had by all.

About fucking time already.

And for fun, hereís some soap opera. Itís especially fun since I am just the narrator only, I am not a player at all.

So KGB moved out a week ago, and I my mind was reeling over why she would do so, since it would be money for living expenses that she would have to pay for. So I have been playing with that puzzle a little bit, but it turns out that puzzle is really boring and not a challenge at all. Plus some of the pieces are clearly missing and I concluded it was so not worth my time.

But in spite of lack of interest new episodes of the KGB show air daily. On Monday morning (July 5th) KGB showed up at the apartment hung over, hungry, and NEEDING TO CONFESS.

Because the Daddyman is a priest of bad behavior, or something.

She told him that she went out with her friend and drank too much and slept with a stranger.

Then she said the sex wasnít consensual. Then she said it was. Then it wasnít. Then it was.

It was like she was flicking a light switch on and off to bug him.

I think sheís crazy. She is definitely flaking out over her lack of control over him right now. Sheís crazy enough that even He's is sort of blinking over the whole thing. Heís backing away slowly from the wild drunken Russian bear because he senses danger, and itís not so appealing for him this round.

He must have realized that even if the bear will ride the unicycle under the big top that it eventually jumps off and tries to bludgeon the ringmaster and steal his top hat.

But the thing is- the girls had a nice day with their dad. They enjoyed their day, they didnít even want to leave when I came to get them, and this was without snacks, without TV, and yet without misery! So apparently the Daddyman put the confession drama where it belonged and focused in his manner on being the Daddyman.

And he knew that was its own reward apparently because I wasnít expected to give any. I wasnít expected to be proud, or compensate for his issues in any way.

About fucking time.(repeat refrain into fade out)

Apparently I can't shut up...
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