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Potpourri for 00
2004-07-07 @ 10:17 a.m.

I am convinced that cool weather in caused by the fact that my daughters donít have any long pants that fit.

The Mina talks in this cartoon demon voice a lot. Itís cute, but itís also irritating as it endures and she can keep it up for hours, that girl. I named this persona Minerva this morning, after she spent the entire car ride singing the Digimon theme as Minerva just to drive eep insane. It was so successful too. She is the most evil little sister EVER. Hopefully the name Minerva is offensive enough to her that sheíll discontinue using the voice.

Target Mossimo shoes are really cool. I am wearing some kitten heeled mules that are as comfortable as flats, yet make me look trendy and cool as fuckgetout, and these real leather shoes cost me $10 on clearance. I also have a pair of real flats, that are somehow simultaneously Audrey Heyburn chic/and rock and roll (silver grommets and buckle) and those cost me $8. Yes, I rule, whatís more? I rule on a budget.

This morning on my way to work I was waiting at a red light and I noticed the guy crossing the street in front of me was kind of attractive. Looking closer I realized he looked like Mickey Rourke and turned my head to completely view his crossing of the street, which he noticed (the light was still red, people- he didnít hold up traffic) and our eyes met and I proceeded to blush and laugh out loud in my car. I hope he was flattered.

When I say he looked like Mickey Rourke I mean he looked like Mickey Rourke circa 1984, when I saw The Pope of Greenwich Village back when it looked like Mickey and Eric Roberts would have long illustrious careers ahead. When I say he looked like Mickey Rourke, I also mean his face had that resemblance, because he was dressed like a typical MN schmoe in jeans, hooded jacket and baseball cap, not a cool ass suit and pointy shoes. If someone dressed like that resembling Mickey Rourke walked in front of my car it would have been Curtiss A, and I would have given him a ride.

(More on Curt is found in archives under "A for Arbitrary" and "Dean of Scream" and I can't post a link to save my life right now, sorry)

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