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covered wagon hijackers
2004-07-14 @ 2:09 p.m.

Why is it that when you are actually trying to be responsible with your checking account, it seems they are most like to hit you with an overdraft fee? Is this is based on the bank theory that the more responsible you are, the more you will pay vs. the more reckless you are, the more you get away with? Case in point being that yesterday when I saw that my transactions popped up early and I was overdrawn, I immediately hopped my bunnies down to the bank for a cash deposit to cover the overage. At 7 a.m. I felt accomplished and responsible all day. This morning I randomly checked my balance using the phone bank (at 2:45 am no less, as I was moving from couched air-conditioning, to muggy bed action) and found 2 overdraft fees had posted. I was incredulous being that I had covered the overage in plenty of time. The two transactions were for $5.50, and $9.50 in a roaring total of $15 total. The fees? $33 X 2 podnah. I called, in the middle of the night to say “SUCK IT!” and was told- “Too bad, once they posts you are overdrawn and there is no such things as “until the end of the business day”. They do not care if I am Supergirl and I am flying around the earth counterclockwise- no backsides, no leeway, we don’t care about your cash deposit, ha ha on YOU!

It felt a lot like I was a juggler that was doing a really fabulous artistic performance, and someone backstage got arbitrarily pissed I didn’t drop anything and just body slammed me instead.

So yeah- not fair.

SUCK IT! appears courtesy of kristintracy)

(For all of you that think I am waay funnier in kristin's comment section- let me confirm that I am never more funny than when I am talking to kitten, because she just brings it out in me.)

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