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By the grace of Stan Lee
2004-07-18 @ 3:52 p.m.

Guess who is asking God for strength every day?

(HINT: Heís been known to smoke crack.)

Itís funnyÖbut it seems to be working for him too. There is gratitude everywhere with him lately. Apparently he was really sorry he wasnít able to go to a church service this morning (no car) and he decided once he woke up to take the girls on a walk, and there was a CHURCH SERVICE AT THE BANDSHELL by the lake near his place.

Thatís some instant gratification from the Jesus heís praying to, huh?

Of course, every time I am pleased with his behavior my inner self smacks me upside the head and says ďSo whatís in it for you as of yet, huh?Ē

Which is good. It might be my be my saving grace. My inner self wears this Marvel flicker ring, which, although it was cheap- is made of real metal and hurts a little when you are smacked with it. Iím glad sheís not planning on keeping it for herself, because she has no fucking business wearing a Daredevil flicker ring anyway. Clearly my inner self is more She-Hulk.

I need an irrational inner self, because I find myself to be far too calm most of the time. If you arenít going to be smashing shit up yourself, thatís where your alter ego comes in.

Um yeah. That was the psychology of comic super heroes in a nutshell, wasnít it?

Apparently I can't shut up...
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