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2004-08-06 @ 4:28 p.m.

I helped thisendup look for an apartment today so's she doesn't move home to NoDak and a life of being a "cash girl" at the casino.

Yesterday, in regard to these plans for apartment search I was referred to as the Goddess of All Things Stressful. It's true, I am GATS of course, who better to be on the dashboard of the anxiety prone than I?

It was also noted later, by a separate party that I am the most low-key, super stressed person ever.

I must also admit that low key and super stressed rank high within my status codes. The low key comes into play so my limbs don't fly off at random, and also because anxiety is very contagious and I can't pass along those crazy symptoms to the children that tag along with me where'ere I go.

(If I was kristintracy I'd have called that a "stressbar".)

So here was the plan for apartment search. It was the "drive-around-the-neighborhoods you desire to live in" method. In the age of cell phones, this method is highly effective.

We started in the very fancy, artsy, high class neighborhood first. We saw potential housing if thisendup had planned on cloning herself twice and giving each clone a separate bedroom (but making them share a bath) and passed. Then we took a turn into paydirt. Since I held the phone, and my friend has performance anxiety, I did the cold call. I left a message saying I was in the neighborhood and would love to know more about the apartment available. Once thisendup listened to my impression of her in the role of an outgoing, assertive, with-it single girl searching for an apartment, she was able to take over as the most successful recast in the history of "All my Efficiencies". Having parked the car we rounded the corner and saw a lovely building established circa 1918. The sign said there was an apartment so we rolled the dice. We came up sixes and sevens I tell ya.

The efficiency available was nice with a freaking GIGANTIC bathroom that included a wardrobe (that I am pretty sure passes through to Narnia-but not until the lease is secured), a linen closet, and a sit down vanity. Instead of being "charming" in a way that means "everything's old and falling apart, it was a freeze frame from the 20's. Judging from the extremely well-kept foyer, we figured even an efficiency was out of the price range. NOT SO. My girl filled out the application on the spot. It's so hers. It's the perfect apartment for her and it materialized as if we wished for it.

So of course, thisendup is sure that in spite of her perfect rental history and excellent job stability, that she won't get it.

But that ain't how things work. The caretaker was MUCH too excited about the completed application, and said (in her Yugoslavian accent) "I can just tell I will love having you here."

shoe in.

For luck everybody clap to show they do believe in fairies though, okay?

She finds out tomorrow if the application is accepted.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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