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miserable short-term vision
2004-08-29 @ 4:04 p.m.

Short update of legal events

An order of protection was filed against Sal as well as the criminal charges (that’s recommended, Sal filed one against her as well) and her account of the events was detailed there.

She says in the account that Sal hit her with a closed fist on her torso and her face. This means with the evidence that Sal hit nothing with his fists, that her story is much less plausible.

So the court date for the order of protection was set last Wednesday and Sal said KGB looked AWFUL. She asked him before the hearing to keep her company while she smoked and told him that she was miserable, that she wanted to be able to talk to him and couldn’t call.

This was just an appearance in front of a judge. Sal agreed to a mutual order of protection and that there be a hearing set where he would have legal representation. KGB said she was on leave at work until this business was completed and wanted to request it be expedited. (Can anyone chime in with me UNPAID LEAVE?)

The fact that her job is sensing her drama and obvious falling apart at the seams bodes well I think. Maybe when you mention to your employer (to cover your guilty drug using ass) that your spouse (who has already called patient relations stating that you are drinking and using drugs to start some kind of inquiry weeks prior to this disturbance) is going to claim that you are abusing drugs, they realize that maybe it’s more than ALLEGATIONS. (hee hee hee) Because I would. I’d be testing her hair for drug use. I’d be pulling it out in fistfuls. But I have very little tolerance for playing the victim as a smokescreen. (and yes, Carrie- if there was an official inquiry into this at the hospital, it could effect her green card)

The judge said that Sal was entitled to his hearing and set it for next Wednesday with the criminal hearing later that day.

So in short, KGB just shot herself in the foot in an effort to protect herself. She’s miserable at the short-term results of her actions, and I seriously doubt she’ll be any happier with the long-term effects either.

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