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2004-08-31 @ 2:40 p.m.

I went to a backyard party last night. It was a party with a bonfire that kids were invited to, even though it didn’t start until 8 o’clock. Apparently my friends are crazy bohemians that way. Being that I have very little opportunities to socialize with adults I went. I went and hung out at the house of Knoll and giggled with Cilla’s collection of boy toy friends (not really, but they are much younger than her, and mucher younger than me) and laughed and ate potatoes roasted in the coals of the fire and drank some beers and fed the girls s’mores. The high point of the evening was probably having Eugene give me a cigar. He gave me one on my birthday, but last night he gifted me with the perfect cigar, in fact the perfect smoke I have been looking for (figuratively not specifically) all summer long in my craving to smoke – a COHIBA that was just slightly bigger than a cigarillo. It’s ring size was the same as my ring finger and I quickly decided that was the factor in finding the perfect cigar. It burned evenly, (didn’t need relighting once) and was smooth and a perfect joy to me in every way.

There was a bloke from England there too, that amused us all, and was especially charming to my kids. The Mina was transfixed by him playing “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads on an acoustic guitar. He also sang “Tell Laura I Love Her” and it was a nice gesture, but only the Johnny Mercer song I was named for wins anyone any points.

That and men 12 years my junior (which is beyond hilarious) flirting with me and offering me cigars and single malt scotch.

So we got home really late, and the girls woke up with more energy than usual in spite of the late festivities. Because apparently it’s watching the TV that really wears them out.

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