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I'm so bored I need a magazine
2004-09-02 @ 2:27 p.m.

Lucky magazine with all its former Sassy mag staffers makes me happy. We all seem to be going for the same feel if not exactly the same look. Kim France is very consistent in her offering of product. I applaud her.

As a general rule, my favorite fashion magazines show lots of pictures of clothes without people wearing them (like a jcrew catalog) because somehow that ignites my imagination more. I like looking at people wearing clothes as well, but then itís more about the people than the clothes because the clothes are expressing something for the people wearing them. Iíll admit that clothes are only interesting before you try them on, at which point they can become magic, so thatís why I donít really read a lot of Vogue or Elle anymore.

I like Lucky, and InStyle with the most regularity. Iíve spoken of how much I love the jcrew catalog. I continue to do so.

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