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today can be the audition scene
2004-09-07 @ 9:49 a.m.

Wow. Iím in awe with the flattery of suggestions. Parker Posey is WAY too skinny to play me. I would make her gain weight because LAP without boobs just isnít right.

But Julia Roberts and Lauren Graham too? Iím in serious awe.

And I love Lauren Graham, and judging from Bad Santa she totally could play my naughty side without hesitation. She might be a little too cute and innocent. Sheíd definitely have to take deadpan irony lessons from Jeanne Garafalo.

Right now my self-esteem is pulling for Catherine Zeta Jones to play me. She plays American quite well, and she has the rack. Of course, I only just noticed that Moll suggested Angelina Jolie which rocks my silly world with more flattery and that's totally why legalbeagle is my bestest friend ever for 21 years now.(she's prettier than Jeanne Garafalo, so I personally would cast Reese Witherspoon with dark hair to play her. But Jeanne is almost as cool as the's a conflict..)

My car didnít start at all Sunday. I missed work. This means I donít get holiday pay for yesterday and I think I might be fired today. The problem is evidentially the battery posts, which are corroded and need to be replaced. Cleaning them off made the car start again, which is altogether confusing to me. Itís as if my car is simply fucking with me rather than it needs legitimate repair.

However the battery or posts or whatever although they were working this morning, did smell like sulfur. Apocalyptic fantasies about my car, my checking account (need to make a cash deposit to cover the checks written for new battery etc), and my employment status are dancing (and that would be thrashing and pogo-ing to some serious Husker Du) through my brain today thus far.

Yeah- so play that scene Julia RobertsÖ.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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