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just luck
2004-09-09 @ 9:11 a.m.

I am in disbelief. Because I got some kind of get out of jail free card, and I didnít even have to ask. Clearly the bank of the covered wagon is not nearly as evil as theyíve assured me they are in the past. Which is COOL.

But I got lectured by my landlord no less than 3 times yesterday and one of them in a letter telling me to pay all my back rent owed by 9/17 or heíll file an unlawful detainer. Which is fair, because the man needs his rent. He did give me a letter a full page in length that he wrote entirely in capital letters. This left me warm and fuzzy inside. Especially since I was handing him a check for 1/3 of my debt.

But hereís the thing. I can maybe come up with all the back rent, and even if I canít by his deadline and he files the UD it has to be served, which takes about 7 days, and then we appear in front of a judge and that takes anywhere from 7-10 days and then itís October and HEY! Guess what? I am eligible for emergency assistance again in October. So no matter what- he gets paid and I wonít get evicted. And it costs him an up front cost of filing the UD of like $250. Heíll add that to my bill, but he still has to shell it out. So thatís a little example of my landlordís shortsightedness.

But heís a good guy for someone who doesnít understand that he wonít be able to rent my apartment to a new tenant without major renovation of the bathroom (sink leaks like crazy- I donít use it) and replacing the stove.

But thatís not why I havenít paid rent, I am really just passive-aggressively telling myself I donít want to live there anymore and should get out even if my subconscious gets me kicked out.

Because Iím smart like that.

update: I checked my voice mail at lunch, and there's a message from my landlord asking that I call. When I reach him he tells me that the county assistance office has no record of my claim info. Well, duh- I haven't made one yet, and secondly, what good does this do to be checking up for more information? To find out if I'm a liar? Guess what- you can evict me for not paying the rent by the deadline you set, but you cannot evict me for lying, end of story. I told another (truthfulish) lie about the application being with another office (which would be true- I wouldn't be eligible in the department he checked until Oct) and reminded him that he made his expectations clear and that I couldn't spend another day worrying about anything other than the ultimate deadline. SHEESH.

Apparently I can't shut up...
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